Shruthi Mukund

She has also collaborated with dancers from different countries and performed all over the DC metro area at prestigious venues including the Black Rock Center, MD. She is a part of the DANCE ASIA ALLIANCE, an unique dance group including dancers from South East Asia.

Shruthi has served the Indian Dance Educators Association (IDEA) board in various capacities over the years and is a Director on the current board. She is one of the founding members of the Asia Heritage Foundation.

Shruthi is focusing on her primary interest in Arts Management by pursuing a Masters in Arts at American University.


Shruthi Mukund is a trained dancer in Classical Indian Dance style of Bharatanatyam having learnt from Guru Smt. Lalitha Srinivasan and Gurus Smt Sandhya and Sri Kiran Subramanian. She is also well versed in Indian Folk Dances and martial arts.

Shruthi, is the artistic director for Natyabhoomi School of Dance (North Potomac, MD) since 2001. Along with teaching and choreographing, Shruthi helps promote the school and works exclusively on the outreach of Indian Classical dance.

In the 2000, Shruthi began the Desi movement or better known as Desi Dancercize to capture the essence of being Desi and share the joy of Desi Dance!! She conceptualized and designed for women who want to dance as well as exercise to Indian/Asian music & moves! Her niece Shreya is running the Natyabhoomi Raaga wing along with Trisha Miglani